IKEA Fyrtur Smart Blinds With Assistant Support Arrive Online In The US

Back in October, IKEA finally launched its Fyrtur smart blinds in the United States, though they weren't available to purchase online. That availability was very limited, however, with the blinds only being available to purchase in some IKEA stores, and only in certain sizes. That has slowly changed and now smart home enthusiasts have noticed that the blinds can be ordered online in the US.

The Fyrtur smart blinds from IKEA work with its Home smart app and the TRÅDFRI gateway, plus there's support for Apple's HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. With these, users can remotely deploy and retract their blinds, eliminating the need to get up and manually open or close the shades. The blinds feature a rechargeable battery and an included remote control.

The smart blinds have an obvious appeal, particularly at a time when many consumers are automating their home's lighting, climate, and security. HomeKit, Assistant, and Alexa support means the blinds can be used with the smart speakers you already own, plus there's a simple clicker-style remote for times when you can't talk.

Fyrtur's availability online in the US was first spied by a Redditor who shared a screenshot on Reddit's HomeKit subreddit. A look at IKEA's product page shows the smart blinds available to order in multiple sizes ranging from 23-inches to 48-inches.

The prices are reasonable for smart blinds with a starting rate of $129 (for the 23-inch model) ranging up to $179 for the 48-inch model. Because of the nature of these shades, they can't be cut to size. The shades feature block-out fabric for filtering out light rather than traditional slates. IKEA says the shades are ideal for bedrooms, but they can be used in any window.