PlayStation Network Outage Leaves PS5 Gamers Frustrated

It seems the PlayStation Network is kicking off this Wednesday with some server issues, as multiple components of the network are down. Unfortunately, the parts of the PSN that are down are all the components someone looking to game would need, so if you're trying to play an online title and it isn't working, now you know why.

According to the PlayStation Network Service Status Page on the PS website, three areas are experiencing outages right now: Gaming and social, PlayStation Now, and the PlayStation Store. At the time of this writing, account management, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Direct are still accessible, so folks looking to access those features shouldn't run into any problems. These are freshly-discovered issue, so it may be a while before Sony restores functionality to them. At the very least, Sony hasn't given an ETA for the restoration of service, so we could have a wait ahead of us.

PlayStation Network outage: What's impacted

For most people, the biggest outage is going to be the gaming and social one, which Sony says impacts game streaming. The platforms impacted include PS4, PS5, web, and "other," with Sony saying that players may have "difficulty launching games, apps, or network features," while the outage persists.

Going hand-in-hand with that is an outage for PlayStation Now, which impacts all the same platforms and may lead to difficulty streaming games from the service. In addition, the PlayStation Store is currently down, and there are multiple aspects struggling because of this outage. Players may have trouble purchasing and downloading games, browsing and searching the store, as well as redeeming vouchers for games and other content. This outage not only impacts PS4 and PS5, but also the web, so unfortunately transitioning to a desktop or mobile browser to make your purchases isn't going to work this time.

The only status report Sony has given on these outages is that it's "working to resolve the issue as soon as possible," but of course, that could mean anything. We'll see how quickly Sony can get the PlayStation Network back up to full functionality, so for now, keep an eye on that Service Status page for any updates from the company.