8 More Games Added to Wii VC List

Retro gamers all over the world agree that the NES is/was awesome. So, what could be more enjoyable than playing some of these older titles on you shiny new Wii? That's what I thought. So, to that end, Nintendo of America (via an ESRB submission) has revealed 8 more Virtual Console titles for your gaming pleasure, letting gamers with fond memories of their 8-bit conquests to relive their glory days once again. The update list of Virtual Console games for the Wii is as follows (changes are italicized):


* Mario Bros.

* The Legend of Zelda

* Donkey Kong

* Donkey Kong Jr.

* Ice Hockey

* Pinball

* Soccer

* Tennis

* Urban Champion

* Wario's Woods

* Baseball

* Solomon's Key

* Duck Hunt

* Hogan's Alley

* Kid Icarus

* Kirby's Adventure

* Pilot Wings

* Pro Wrestling

* Punch-Out

* Wild Gunman


* F-Zero

* SimCity


* Super Mario 64

Sega Genesis

* Sonic the Hedgehog

* Altered Beast

* Golden Axe

* Columns

* Ecco the Dolphin

* Gunstar Heroes

* Space Harrier II

* Toe Jam & Earl

* Ristar

* Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine


* Bonk's Adventure

* Super Star Soldier

* Victory Run

* Bomberman '93

* Dungeon Explorer

[via IGN]