8-bit Captain America: The Winter Solider reminds of the Nintendo days

Growing up in the 80s, video games were at the start terrible graphically. We thought they looked fantastic at the time, but for the most part they were terrible and we just didn't know any better. Fast forward several years to the Nintendo/Sega days and we had some cool 8-bit and 16-bit graphics to enjoy on several different consoles.

Fans of Captain America: The Winter Solider will want to check out the latest 8-bit Cinema, it's a remake of key scenes from the movie in 8-bit glory. I would have played this game for hours on my Nintendo back in the day.

The video pulls off the side scrolling video game action perfectly and shows the Captain along with Black Widow and other characters from the film fighting it out. At one point, the game even shows Falcon coming and helping Captain save the day.

Whether you are a fan of 8-bit or 16-bit retro games or just like Marvel stuff, this video is well worth a watch and will only take 2:28 seconds from your day. This reminds me a little of Metroid, what old school game comes to mind for you when you watch this?