Amazon Echo Look Camera Discontinued: What Users Need To Know

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Amazon has discontinued an Echo product you probably forgot exists: the Echo Look. The device is no longer for sale on the company's website — attempts to search for it returns other Echo devices. Amazon will not support the Echo Look going forward, raising questions from device owners about what they should do with the gadget. The answer is one you probably don't want to hear.

Amazon released the Echo Look a few years ago as a $200 digital fashion adviser; it is a combination smart speaker and camera, one that takes photos of the user, as well as a short video. The idea is that machines would analyze the outfit you were wearing and Alexa would return advice about your style.

It's not hard to figure out why the device never proved terribly popular. In addition to privacy concerns and the general awkwardness of having a camera snap daily pictures of you, Amazon is likewise known for its huge catalog of poorly made, questionably produced clothing items. Many consumers avoid the platform when it comes to clothing for this reason.

In its Echo Look FAQs, Amazon revealed that it is dropping support for the fashion camera and that there's nothing users can do to preserve the device. Users can backup the videos and images captured with the device and stored in the Echo Look app until July 24. Users who already have an Amazon Photos account will have their content automatically uploaded to the account after that date.

Users also have until July 24 to delete the content from the Echo Look app if they'd like — this can be done in the Settings menu under "Account." If you forget to do this before July 24, Amazon warns that you'll have to call its customer service to get the content deleted, though it's not necessary to delete or download the content.

The camera and app will remain functional until July 24, 2020, after which point neither will work. Amazon recommends that Echo Look owners recycle the device through its own free recycling program.