Amazon's Long-Rumored Vesta Home Robot Project Details Leak

We've been hearing rumors for years now alleging that Amazon has a home robot project codenamed 'Vesta' in the works, one that may — based on the latest leak — still be planned despite rumors of setbacks and uncertainty. Amazon has reportedly put hundreds of workers on the Vesta project, though sources claim there have been production setbacks and a general uncertainty about whether there's even a market for the robot.

The new alleged details on Amazon's Vesta come from Business Insider, which claims that Amazon now has more than 800 workers on its home robot project. Internal documents are named as the sources behind this leak, one that claims Amazon's Lab126 is heavily focused on Vesta as one of its biggest current hardware projects.

Assuming rumors prove true, the codenamed Vesta robot may feature Alexa built-in, as well as multiple integrated cameras, a display, and the ability to roll around one's home. Whether the robot will eventually hit the market — and find itself a customer base — is said to be a matter of concern among some at Amazon, however.

The report claims that Amazon's Vesta project has experienced multiple production delays, these allegedly taking place alongside 'shifting strategies' and too slow of a pace. Some employees within the company are reportedly worried that the home robot may ultimately have 'weak market viability,' possibly putting it on the same path as the ill-fated Fire Phone.

Among other things, the report goes on to claim that Vesta was a 'top priority' for Amazon when it launched the secret project around four years ago. Though smart speakers and displays have no doubt become popular among consumers, it's yet to be seen whether buyers are ready to embrace home robots — and whether Amazon will end up abandoning the project.