$79 NOOK Touch goes white for Black Friday

If you are looking for a new eReader for yourself or for someone on your holiday list and you want it to be a bit different B&N has a limited edition in store only version of the Nook Simple Touch eReader. The limited edition version is available in stores only while supplies last. The features and hardware inside the Simple Touch are the same as always.

The difference here is that the limited edition version is cheaper at a price of $79 and has a white back. It's very hard to tell in the photo that the back is a different color since all we see is the front of the reader. You can make out white around the black front bezel though.

The Simple Touch has a 6-inch E Ink screen that is very easy on the eyes and can be used in direct sunlight with no glare. The battery life of the eReader is very long at over two months per charge. The tablet also has WiFi and speedy page load times when you are reading. If you frequent your local Barnes & Noble you can get free WiFi access in the store. The tablet was updated earlier this month.