Eufy Security Video Smart Lock Combines 2K Camera And Fingerprint Sensor

Eufy – the smart home brand owned by Anker – just announced the launch of the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock. A video doorbell and smart lock combo, Eufy claims that this product combines the convenience of video surveillance, fingerprint sensor-based entry, and a doorbell into a single easy to use solution. At first glance, it seems to be the amalgamation of two of Eufy's existing products — the Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi and the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K.

Capabilities of the Eufy Video Smart Lock include the ability to watch visitors approach your home, get notifications for every time someone locks or unlocks your home, and enable family members and close friends to have secure and easy access with the help of a fingerprint-based unlocking solution. The Eufy Security Video Smart Lock also claims 99% accuracy with AI-based object recognition to ensure it only sends out alerts in case of actual suspicious activity outside your door.

While the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock is expected to make it to the market by June 2022, those backing the project on Kickstarter will get to buy it a month earlier — in May 2022. The product itself has been in development for about a year and follows Eufy's tested product launch model through Kickstarter.

Key features, availability

The Eufy Security Video Smart Lock features a camera that offers a 160° view of your surroundings in 2K resolution. In addition, the camera supports Wide Dynamic Range technology that claims to deliver clear video footage irrespective of outside lighting conditions. There are infrared sensors too that aid in object detection at night.

For folks who perennially worry if they locked their doors before leaving home, the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock could be a veritable life changer. Thanks to the combination of a geomagnetism sensor and a gyroscope, it can engage its W-Fi connected deadbolt on a closed-door automatically.

The fingerprint sensor claims a recognition time of 0.3 seconds and supports near-instant unlocking. The product also incorporates AI human detection features combined with advanced dual motion detection for greater accuracy. For those worried about durability, the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock is IP65 rated for water resistance and can withstand a wide range of climatic and weather conditions. The product is powered by a rechargeable 10,000mAh lithium battery pack, but the company has yet to reveal real-life battery life stats.

Eufy also adds that users will not be required to subscribe to an additional service for the privilege of watching the recorded footage from the doorbell camera. All recordings are also stored locally.

As mentioned earlier, the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock is already available for "early purchase" in the United States, Canada, and Australia through Kickstarter. The first 2000 early backers can get the product for $199, while an "early bird" price sits at $229. For those of you who missed out on these two offers, there is a "Kickstarter Special" price of $269 as well. Anker currently plans to bring the Eufy Security Video Smart Lock to Amazon and its own website by June 2022, at which point the product's price is expected to reach $399.