Lylux Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer Review

  • Cordless design for portability and safety
  • Bladeless motor removes risk of hair getting caught
  • Strong air output (100,000 rpm motor)
  • Accessible air filter for cleaning
  • Detachable magnetic nozzle
  • Doesn't get as hot as other dryers
  • Heavier than corded hair dryers
  • Bulky charging station takes away travel portability

We're seeing a steady stream of new products for personal and home use that all use the "smart" qualifier to indicate how intelligent they are because they connect to the Internet. Things don't have to be connected, however, to be useful. Sometimes, all it takes is the intelligent and creative combination of modern technologies to provide a more convenient and safer experience. That's the simple joy that the Lylux Hair Dryer is promising by putting together bladeless fans, cordless operation, and smart sensors to make drying hair even less of a hassle.

Design and Safety

A lot of things are going wireless these days but that doesn't mean you need to connect to some wireless network to be useful. Even the simple case of removing a power cord from the equation already has a massive implication in terms of convenience and safety.

Ditching the cord frees users not only to move around but also bring the Lylus hair dryer where it's needed. More than that, however, it also removes the dangers of kids and animals tripping over cords, potentially injuring themselves or damaging the dryer.

It doesn't without costs, though. Since the power that drives the Lylux comes from the built-in rechargeable battery, that also means that the hair dryer is heavier than conventional dryers. And while the dyer itself is cordless, its charging base isn't and you'll need to bring that along with you on long journeys away from home.

The Lylux's safety doesn't just come from having no cords, though. By also throwing out blades, Lylux also completely removes the risk of hair getting caught inside. It also uses some other smart (not connected) design elements, like a smoothing nozzle that magnetically attaches to the dryer with a satisfying click.

Performance and Battery

All of that design savvy and modern tech features would be for naught if the Lylux couldn't perform just as well or even better than conventional hair dryers. The good news is that it definitely delivers on most of its promises. That said, it might also take some adjusting to the way it does things compared to your run of the mill equipment.

Boasting of a motor that runs at 100,000 rpm, the Lylux is definitely very strong. It can pump out air efficiently and, thanks to three speed settings and two temperature options (hot or cold), you can choose the strength that you want. The magnetic nozzle also lets you direct that airflow towards a more concentrated area if needed.

Air strength, however, is only part of what speeds up drying. Heat also plays an important role and this is where things can get a bit debatable. The Lylux doesn't get as hot as other hair dryers and that's actually by design. It boasts of an "intelligent sensor" for temperature control that caps the heat to 104° F (40° C) that may just be a bit below what some might be used to.

Lylux's designers argue, however, that drying hair at higher temperatures ends up actually damaging it in the process. With heat and at max speed, it takes 8 minutes to dry long hair. Of course, it takes longer, around 18 minutes, to do the same without heat and at that same speed.

There's also the probability that Lylux opted for a more moderate temperature cap to squeeze out as much use that it can from the 54Wh battery. Eventually, however, you will need to recharge it on its stand for about an hour to get it to full. It's another lifestyle change that owners will need to get used to, lest they realize during the morning rush that their trusty dryer is dry out of power.


Some things don't need to be too complicated or too advanced to become convenient and useful. Sometimes, all it takes is the ingenious combination of already established and well-tested technologies to turn an old idea into a modern convenience. The Lylux hair dryer is testament to that line of thinking, stringing together small innovations to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Lylux cordless hair dryer is currently on Kickstarter where it just blasted through its modest funding goal in less than a day.

Early birds can try to grab one for a Kickstarter special of $169 if they're fast enough. The product is expected to go on retail with a $298 price tag after the crowdfunding campaign.