Fortnite Ruby Shadows Challenge Pack Is Free, But You Need A PC To Get It

Fortnite players have the opportunity to get the Street Shadows Challenge Pack ("dark Ruby") bundle for free in the game's Item Shop until June 17. Because this is a challenge bundle, the offering doesn't come without a bit of effort on your part — you'll need to complete a series of challenges to unlock the free items.

The new Challenge pack features the Ruby Shadows outfit, which is the dark version of the typically crimson-colored Ruby skin. As well, the pack includes the related Sky Shadow Glider and the Shadow Slicer Pickaxe. There is a catch for getting the bundle, however — you have to claim it using a PC.

This isn't necessarily bad news for console players; if you own a computer, simply install the Epic Games launcher, then install Fortnite. Once the game is installed, launch it and head to the Item Shop. The free Street Shadows Challenge Pack will be found in a row toward the bottom of the Item Shop.

You'll need to redeem the item using the same Epic or console account you use to play the game on your regular device. For example, if you typically play on a PlayStation, you can sign in to the game in the Epic launcher using your PS Account credentials. Once you've claimed the free pack, you'll then be able to switch back to your console and complete the challenges using it to unlock the rewards.

You'll need to claim the challenge pack using a PC before the promotion ends at 8PM ET on June 17 — though, Epic notes, there's no timeline to finish the challenges for unlocking the skin. Players can find the Shadow Ruby challenges in the same Quests screen where other Quests are located.