Spyra Two Digital Water Gun Lands Just In Time For Summer

In 2018 a company called Spyra took to crowdfunding sites to get the money to build and bring to market a new take on the classic water gun. The original device was called the Spyra One, and the company is back with a new version called the Spyra Two. The first version of the water gun cost $133, and the company says that it delivered about 11,000 units at that price.

The new version launches next month and represents a significant improvement on the original. Spyra Two can fire bolts of water faster and further than the original and offers twice the battery life. Another significant improvement comes in the water pump that the builder says is quieter in the new version than in the original.

Like the original, Spyra Two features a self-pressurizing tank and a rechargeable battery that uses a USB-C port. The only downside compared to the original water gun is that the Spyra Two only holds enough water for 20 shots while the original held 25. Another downside is that the price has gone up.

While the original Spyra One sold for a not-insignificant $133, the new version sells for $159. Buyers can charge up to three shots at a time, each dispensing approximately a shot glass worth of water. The water gun can also be charged for a single larger blast able to travel up to 46 feet when aiming at a 45 degrees angle.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Spyra Two is one shared with the original in that it's able to refill its tank itself from a swimming pool or tank of water. The tank size is 600 milliliters, and the battery is good for 90 refills and shooting about 2000 blasts.