No Man's Sky Sentinels Update Unleashes Some Serious Machinery

Just days after it was revealed that "No Man's Sky" is coming to Nintendo Switch, today the game is getting a new update. Dubbed the Sentinel Update, that name should make it clear what this update is all about to "No Man's Sky" veterans. This new update augments the Sentinels that roam and protect most of the planets in "No Man's Sky," but it doesn't just make them more proficient in combat. Instead, the update seems to overhaul Sentinels, tossing new ones into the mix and revamping existing ones.

Sentinels, however, are not the sole focus of this update. Indeed, this is a massive update that adds a lot to "No Man's Sky," including new technologies for players to use and various changes to the Minotaur Exocraft. We're also getting official Steam Deck support with this update, so if there was any question of whether or not "No Man's Sky" would support the Steam Deck on launch, it seems we have an answer.

Sentinels, Sentinels, and more Sentinels

While there is a lot to this update – full patch notes can be found on the "No Man's Sky" website – much of the focus is indeed centered on the Sentinels. There are three new Sentinel types that players will need to contend with as they explore planets: Heavy Combat Drones, Repair Drones, and Summoner Drones. It sounds like players will have to be wary of Repair Drones and Summoner Drones in particular, as they can use their abilities to repair damaged Sentinels or call in reinforcements, respectively, making battles more challenging.

This update also introduces the Sentinel Hardframe Mech, which is both heavily armored and fast-moving thanks to its jetpack. It also has a flamethrower, so look out for that. Thankfully, you can steal blueprints that allow you to turn your Exomech into a Hardframe Mech, so in that regard at least, you can give the Sentinels a taste of their own medicine.

Combat has also been overhauled to be faster paced, while existing Sentinels have been given new weapons and weaknesses. Players can even shut down Sentinels across an entire planet by defeating the Sentinels that are summoned at maximum alert level. Sentinels will only be shut down temporarily, but that should allow you to explore and harvest without fear of reprisal. You can also find Sentinel Pillars in the wild and use those to disable planetary Sentinels for a time, and it sounds like that method will require less mechanical carnage.

New Exomech features, companions, and a new Expedition

In today's patch notes, "No Man's Sky" developer Hello Games reveals that the Exobiology Expedition will be beginning shortly after this update lands. It'll "take players on a journey of discovery across the galaxy as they investigate and record all sorts of exotic animal life." Completing it will unlock the royal Exotic Wingpack and even the ability to construct your own Sentinel companion.

Beyond that Expedition, the Minotaur Exomech can be upgraded with new technology that will allow it to follow you on foot and engage in combat when you run into trouble. However, that also means that Minotaur can now be damaged by enemy attacks, so don't let it be the focus of enemy fire for too long. Players can now carry more multi-tools – up to six – and will encounter new multi-tool designs. Multi-tools can even be outfitted with neutron cannons and cloaking devices too, so the Sentinels aren't the only ones getting a firepower upgrade with this update.

What we've talked about here really just scratches the surface of this update, so hit the link to the patch notes up above to see every new and tweaked feature. The 3.8 Sentinel Update for "No Man's Sky" is available today across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.