How To Use Borderlands 3's Lost Loot Machine

Borderlands 3 is officially here, and one of its more interesting new mechanics is something called the Lost Loot Machine. At long last, players don't necessarily need to make a tough decision when they encounter a nice piece of loot but don't have any room for it in their inventories. The Lost Loot Machine will pick up loot that was left behind and allow you to access it later, but there are some things to keep in mind before you begin relying on it.

First thing's first: the Lost Loot Machine won't pick up every piece of loot you leave behind. It will only collect items of higher rarity – that means items that are blue, purple, or orange. Those white and green drops will be left behind by the Lost Loot Machine, as Gearbox says it will never collect items of those rarities.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the Lost Loot Machine will ignore items you drop yourself, regardless of rarity. Loot that you drop from your inventory is considered "discarded" by the Lost Loot Machine, so it will pass those up in favor of loot dropped by enemies.

Just like your character's inventory, the Lost Loot Machine has a limit on how many items it can pick up as well. That means you can't walk around with a full inventory the entire game and let the machine do the heavy lifting, as it only has a finite amount of storage space. You can upgrade its storage by purchasing Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus Munitions on Sanctuary, but you'll need to clean it out periodically to make sure it has space for more loot.

Finally, the Lost Loot Machine won't pick up anything while playing multiplayer in Coopetition mode, but it will function normally while playing in Cooperation mode. The Lost Loot Machine is indeed one of the most exciting additions to Borderlands 3, so keeping these rules in mind will help you take full advantage of it.