Xbox Game Pass February 2022 Games Key In On Sports And Strategy

As we find ourselves in the middle of February, 2022, it's time for another update on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft today shared the titles that will be joining Xbox Game Pass in the latter half of the month, and it seems that we'll be closing out the second month of the year with a rather small update to the service – at least in comparison to some of the recent updates that have seen a bunch of games join Xbox Game Pass.

That's not to say the games headed to Xbox Game Pass are bad by any stretch, just somewhat limited in number. In all, there are eight games joining Xbox Game Pass in the latter half of February, including several games through EA Play. With that said, it's a good month for strategy fans, as we're getting two giants of the genre – including one intriguing day-one addition for PC. It's also a fairly good month for sports fans, but that depends on what sports games you like to play.

Xbox Game Pass additions for late-February 2022

As revealed on Xbox Wire, the eight additions for the latter half of February have already gotten underway. "Mass Effect Legendary Edition" is available today on the cloud version of Xbox Game Pass via EA Play, so if you've never played the "Mass Effect" trilogy before, you now have access to it wherever you have a phone and an internet connection.

On February 17th, we'll see the Xbox One version of "Lawn Mowing Simulator" go live on Xbox Game Pass after previously being available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It'll be joined by "Madden NFL 22" (console and PC) via EA Play and "Total War: Warhammer III" (PC), which is the sole day-one addition for the final two weeks in February.

The new additions continue on February 22nd with the arrival of "Roboquest" (PC), though it should be noted that this is just a game preview, so don't dive in expecting a fully finished game. February 24th will see the additions of "Galactic Civilizations III" (PC) and "Super Mega Baseball 3" (console) via EA Play. We'll then close the month with "Alice: Madness Returns" (PC) via EA Play on February 28th.

More titles get Xbox Touch Controls and departing games

There are also six games getting Xbox Touch Controls with this update. "Dreamscaper," "Firewatch," "Lake," "The Pedestrian," "Yakuza 3 Remastered," and "Yakuza 4 Remastered" can now all be played through the cloud using the on-screen Xbox Touch Controls, which means you don't need to pair a controller to your phone in order to play them.

There are also four titles departing Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month, including "Hypnospace Outlaw" (cloud, console, and PC), "Killer Queen Black" (cloud and console), "Stealth Inc 2" (cloud and console), and "Touhou Luna Nights" (cloud, console, and PC). Those are all leaving on February 28th, while the original "Titanfall" will be removed from EA Play and, by extension, Xbox Game Pass, on March 1st, 2022. If you happen to be playing any of these games at the moment, you have just about two weeks to finish them up, so hop to it or lose your chance.