7-year-old boy wins eBay auction for Harrier jet, dad not happy

When I was a kid the coolest jet to me was the Harrier. It wasn't the fastest jet or the best looking, but the thing was able to take off and land vertically so I could have one in my back yard. Apparently a 7-year-old boy from London though the same thing.

The kid happened on a Harrier up for auction on eBay that lacks weapon systems or the ability to fly. Those little details didn't keep the kid from bidding and winning the auction for the fighter jet. The kid bid about $113,000 on the aircraft at a fixed price.

The kid's dad notified the seller that his son had hit the buy now button and lacked the money in his piggy bank to cover the jet. The sellers weren't mad and removed the bid and say the boy did them a favor with the press the attempted purchase received more interest was generated when the jet was relisted. The jet would apparently cost millions of pounds to return to the air and is one of six left in the world.

Via MyFoxChicago