7-Eleven to offer crazy Slurpees this summer with dual chamber cup and straw

I don't care what you call them, Slurpee, Icee or Slushee. They are all the same thing in my book. They are all frozen drinks that you can buy at a gas station right up the street made generally from the frozen carbonated drinks like Coke and others. I also know that these drinks may well be the number one cause of brain freeze known to man. To my 6-year-old daughter this is THE drink to have each day. If she makes a good grade on a test, an Icee is what she wants for a snack after school.

The thing she likes to do most is get one giant cup and layer two flavors in the same cup for some alternating flavor drinking action. She gets Coke, cherry, Coke, cherry, Coke, cherry – you get the drift. The big problem with layering these drinks is that when they inevitably start to melt you end up with a hodge podge of melted brown goo in the cup that doesn't quite taste the same. Thankfully, 7-eleven stores has invented an awesome new Slurpee cup that will let you drink two flavors and keep the flavors segregated.

The cool cup may be the epitome of soft drink high-tech with its dual chambers inside. I' not sure exactly what the cup looks like inside, but we can assume that the thing has a paper divider in there. You put in whatever two flavors you want the they remain separated. The other component is this trick straw with a two-in-one design. You have two straws that go into each chamber that meet in a collector and then goes to your mouth. This is pretty darn cool and you should be able to get one this summer.

[via USA Today]