65nm Xbox 360 discovered in the wild

If you have an Xbox 360, you likely live your day-to-day life in fear. Fear that one day you will be having a good time playing your favorite game, only to see the dreaded Red Ring of Death. I'm a 360 owner, and I breathe a sigh of relief every time I power it off. There has been much talk about a newer, more efficient 65nm chip to be used on future editions of the console that will be less prone to overheating. Apparently these have already hit stores.

One brave soul that goes by the name of JWSpeed has cracked open his very green Halo 3 Special Edition console and found not only a simplified cooling system, but also a new 65nm CPU.

This upgrade only affects the CPU, the GPU does in fact remain the same. While the newer, smaller CPU should be more efficient and therefor produce less heat, we do not know if these new systems will still be just as susceptible to the RRoD as older models. Only time will tell.

The Falcon Has Landed: 65nm CPUs Appear in Xbox 360 [via dailytech]