60GB Xbox 360s May Be Less Prone To RRoD

So we know that Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox 360 SKU with a bigger hard drive. That 40 extra GB of storage is great and all, but is there anything else that makes the console worthwhile? What if I told you that this one might actually be less likely to RRoD? That just might make it worth chucking out your old 20GB for.

Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck picked up one of the new 360's and immediately tore it apart to check for any changes from the older models. The CPU and GPU are still the same (still no 65nm GPU), however, he noted that it does not have bottom-mounted memory chips. This was said to be one of the causes of overheating (which would lead to RRoD) in some of the older SKUs.

Does this mean your 60GB will be immune to the dreaded RRoD? Somehow I doubt it, as the memory is not the only factor in killing off 360s.

[via Ben Heck]