500px for iOS update brings Adobe, manual camera controls

Photography sharing site/app 500px is already a destination for many photography enthusiasts, and now they've got reason to stay. After adding mobile uploads earlier this year, 500px has made another impressive move for mobile. A "professional" photo editor is cobbled into 500px's iOS app, as is a dedicated camera interface. With the camera, you'll be able to better take advantage of iOS 8's granular camera controls. If what you shot doesn't exactly set your world on fire, the Adobe-powered editor might do your photos justice.

The editor takes nearly full advantage of the Adobe Creative Cloud, and allows you to control the exposure, contrast, shadows, and clarity of your pics. You can also tint, sharpen, reduce noise, adjust temperature, and choose highlights. You can also port images from Adobe Lightroom's mobile app as well.

The included camera lets you handle two important, basic camera features: focus and exposure. If you're interested in buttoning down your photos, 500px is now taking advantage of 1Password's incredible Touch ID app unlocking API.

If you're fast becoming a mobile photography buff, this is great news. Adobe's support brings in one of the better editors available, and the manual camera controls are a welcome sight. It might also be the first app that makes you want to take photos with a tablet, as Apple seems keen on with their iPad Air 2.

You can download 500px from the App Store for free, and the update is currently rolling out to existing users.

Source: 500px