3view box is world's first Internet-connected HD free-to-air set top box

It seems like home theater fans in the UK are always getting new and cool sounding set top boxes while American's are stuck with whatever junk the cable or satellite provider offers. Those watching free-to-air HD broadcasts in the UK now have a cool new 3view set top box to use.

The 3View box allows the watcher to tune into HD TV programs with an interactive program guide. The box works as a home hub and a PVR with 320GB of storage space. The box can also pause and rewind live TV.

Dual tuners let users watch one show and record another and the box is internet-connected. The internet connectivity means that the box can access YouTube and other content that is stored on the home network. Users can also watch IPTV serviced and access Facebook or Twitter. The box is due to hit stores in March.