3M Mobile ID Reader is quick security checker

A brand new 3M Mobile ID Reader could soon be used at events or areas that require tight security sometime soon. The idea is to scan your identification quickly to prove your credentials to be in a certain locale.  


The ID Readers looks very much like a credit card scanner. But this reader is used to scan your Visa card or passport in order to compare it against a watch list, of sorts.

This watch list would contain those that pose a security threat of some sort. The scanner is pretty typical besides its role in security. It runs on Windows Mobile 6 and features WiFi, GSM/GPRS EDGE and a fingerprint sensor. With 8GB of storage for keeping track of all those scanned, this device is the ultimate portable security device. Let's just hope it's thoroughly encrypted. We wouldn't want all that scanned info slipping out.

[via OhGizmo!]