3M announces two new pocket projectors including MP180 and MP160

Pocket projectors are continually being improved, which is a good thing considering that the bulk of them offer poor performance when it comes to being used in a room that isn't totally dark. 3M has announced that it has a couple new pocket projectors that are aimed at the professional user looking for portability.

As far as pocket projectors go, the new MP180 and MP160 are brighter than the norm with 30 lumens of light output each. That is almost twice the brightness of some pocket projectors. Both projectors also have two hours of battery life per charge and support SVGA resolution.

The MP180 allows the user to show videos, photos, and presentations at the touch of a button and supports both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It also has 4GB of internal memory. Along with a micro SD card slot and more. The MP160 has the same brightness, resolution and portability as the MP180 and 3M isn't exactly clear on the specific differences of the two products. The MP160 will sell for $349 and the MP180 will sell for $399.