3LCD Reflective chip heads to new projectors soon

Shane McGlaun - Nov 2, 2010
3LCD Reflective chip heads to new projectors soon

If you throw a rock in the projector world you will hit several projectors that use 3LCD tech inside for better picture quality and performance. The latest in chip tech from 3LCD has been announced and will soon land in projectors that home theater fans can purchase. The new chip is called 3LCD Reflective.

The chip measures 0.74 inches diagonally, supports full HD content at 1920 x 1080, and has increased contrast ratios. The increased contrast ratios are to provide deeper blacks and brighter whites improving the video appearance overall.

The new chip also has color and white light output that are the same making for optimal viewing for the watcher. The chip can provide contrast ratios up to 100,000:1 or better. The main difference between the new reflective chip and the older 3LCD chip is that the reflective chip has a reflective electrode instead of a transparent electrode in other 3LCD chips.

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