3G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming Soon to AT&T, Source Says

As of right now, Research In Motion has confirmed that the WiFi-only version of their first tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook, will launch some time before the end of the first quarter, 2011. After that, a WiMax-enabled version of the tablet will launch on Sprint's network some time in the summer of this year. However, other carriers have been left out of the picture in the United States so far. That may change by March or April, if an unnamed source is to be believed. According to the source, it turns out RIM is working on releasing a 3G-enabled PlayBook for AT&T.Published in CIO, Al Sacco reports that an unnamed, trusted source tells him that RIM is getting ready to unveil the device for a late March, early April unveil on AT&T's 3G network. But, that's not all. RIM's not just focusing on WiMax for their 4G-enabled tablet device. It looks like LTE is getting some attention as well. The source retrieved this information from a carrier representative from AT&T, who says that the device should hit the time table that RIM s aiming for.

Unfortunately, RIM is being tight-lipped about the information. No confirmation about a 3G-enabled, or LTE-based BlackBerry PlayBook have been announced by the company as of yet. But, it would make sense for RIM to get their tablet out to every carrier possible, especially one that connects to 3G.

[via IntoMobile]