3DMark 11 overclocking competition finds best value DX11 video card

Futuremark held an overclocking contest with 117,000 people that entered for a chance to win some cool computer hardware. The challenge was for people to try to hit the highest performance possible on the new 3DMark 11 benchmark using the cheapest hardware possible.

The contestants had to use graphics cards that were NVIDIA-based. The first place winner in the contest went by the name DFORDOG with a score of P5853 working out to 34.43 3DMarks per dollar spent on hardware. The card the winner used was an NVIDIA GTX 460 that cost about $169.99 and the CPU in the rig was an Intel Core i7-980X.

Another portion of the contest challenged the users to hit the highest score on the 3DMark 11 benchmark using a specific video card – the MSI N480 GTX Lightning. The winner was a person going by Elmore with P9277 3DMarks using the MSI card and a Core i7-980x CPU.