3D Realms says Duke Nukem Forever is really coming, again

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 31, 2008

If you asked me what the most highly-anticipated (and most joked-about) game of all time was, I would have to go with Duke Nukem Forever. Seriously, this game has been in development since I was around 10. It wasn’t long ago that we were teased with a new trailer for the game, and now the game’s Art Director is claiming that they are currently “doing a lot of polishing of set pieces, environments, and characters.”

I’m honestly not even going to get excited about this. Gamers everywhere have felt much like Charlie Brown did every time that bitch Lucy tried to get him to kick the football. Sorry 3D Realms, you can kick that damn ball yourself.

Sure, I might sound a bit harsh, but I’ve seen screenshots and heard how close they’ve been to completion more than a few times. I really want to be excited, as Tramell Isaac (3D Realms’ Art Director) says that all of the footage was actual rendered in-game in-engine footage. Tell you what, you give me a playable demo and I’ll kick the ball.

[via Kotaku]

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