3D printed mushroom cloud lamp costs $1495!

I really like that you can print anything you can dream up with a 3D printer. If you give a design geek access to a 3D printer, you never know what they will dream up. Designers at the Veneridesign Studio have cooked up this awesome mushroom cloud lamp. The design of the lamp is intended to look like the cloud produced by a nuclear explosion.

It looks a lot like the clouds that were produced in the 60's when the military was testing bombs. The lamp is really cool and you can even order yourself one from Shapeways assuming you have a deep wallet. The lamp is very expensive at $1495. The plastic material is white and is said to be strong and flexible.

The light part comes separately, you can cram the bulb inside, and it makes the center of the cloud glow. I really like the design of the lamp and if it were a fraction of that price, I'd totally buy it for my desk. Would you buy this lamp?

[via LaughingSquid]