325W Plug and Play Home Solar Power System

Solar powering your home used to be something that seemed too pricey except for the environmentally-conscious elite who could afford the installation. But now, with the 325W Plug and Play Home Solar Power System, these panels may someday become just as ubiquitous as flat screen TVs because now they actually cost about the same.

This "Remote Solar Home Power System Kit" provides all the components you need to install an off-grid system for your home or office. The system includes a 325 Watt solar panel array using branded solar panels such as BP Solar or Kyocera with 25-year manufacturer warranty, 30-foot weatherproof/UV sheathed output cable, 200AH Energy deep cycle sealed solar GEL battery, and Morningstar Prostar 30A charge controller with LED status indicator, among other things.

I'm not sure what all the components are for, but I do know that with a price tag under $3,000, you can now save the precious greens in your pocket and those in mother nature.

Plug and Play Home Solar Power System – off the grid, baby [Via: RedFerret]