320-gigapixel panorama of London comprised of 48,640 shots

We don't see a lot of 360-degree panoramas, or at least they're not as popular as traditional panoramas, but a group of photographers ended up shooting a 360-degree panorama of London, and broke the world record for the largest panoramic photograph in the process. The panorama was captured from the top of the BT Tower in London last year.

The panorama can be viewed on BT Tower's website in all its glory. It was shot over the course of three days by three different people: Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills, who all work for a panoramic photography company called 360Cities, where they — you guessed it — make 360-degree panoramas of cities around the world.

The panorama consists of 48,640 individual shots stitched together. The photos were taken with Canon EOS 7D cameras using EF 400mm f/2.8 IS II USM lenses, with Extender EF 2x III teleconverters. The cameras were operated by Rodeon VR Head ST robotic panorama heads in order to get the effect you see in the panorama shot. Processing all the photos together took around three months.

If the panorama was printed at normal resolution, it would be almost 322 feet long and over 75 feet high. That's over the length of an American football field and about as tall as a two-story house. Previously, the world record for the largest panorama was 80 gigapixels, and that was also taken in London back in 2010.

[via The Next Web]