30-day video limit as FlipShare service phase out begins

It was more than a little shocking to many in the tech world when Cisco abruptly killed the Flip line of small and portable camcorders that were traditionally some of the most popular on the market. It turns out that Cisco was in a bad way with sagging profits, and the finger was pointed squarely at the company sticking its fingers into too many honey pots in the tech world and the Flip line was the first to get the axe.

With the Flip cameras gone, it will come as little shock that Cisco is also limiting the FlipShare service that allows the user of Flip camcorders to upload and share videos with other users. Rather than just pulling the plug this time, Cisco is giving users of the service the notice that all new videos will last only 30-days from when they are uploaded. That is a bit confusing if you don't follow closely. Cisco isn't ending the FlipShare service and you won't lose your videos uploaded right away.

Apparently, Cisco will continue to support the FlipShare service for another two and a half years. The 30-day limit means that you can upload videos, but you better save them somewhere else too because after that 30-day window they will be removed from FlipShare. I would expect that most users that upload lots of video files will simply find another service and that it probably what Cisco is hoping will happen.

[via Engadget]