250k tire stack in Calhoun County spotted from space

The Chinese are busy with their lines and shapes in the desert while someone in South Carolina has been busy racking up a massive collection of old tires to the tune of roughly 250,000 of them. The site where the tires have been dumped is on private land that is located between Highways 6 and 267. There is no address to the property according to officials.

The only road leading to the pile is an unnamed dirt road. The investigation into the environmental concerns of having that many tires in one place was turned over to the state. The investigation resulted in an indictment for one man from Easley, SC.

The local and state authorities fear that other than the concerns to the environment the tires could also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I can only imagine that there are hoards of snakes and other things that I don't want to deal with living in the massive pile. A Florida company called Lee Tire has been contacted to remove the tires and they expect to have the place cleared by the end of the year. I searched for the location on Google Maps but couldn't find it; if you find the coordinates let us know.

[via WLTX]