25% of US consumers like the idea of an Apple-branded TV

Ever since it first came to light that Apple might be working on manufacturing its own television set, the imaginations of consumer electronics enthusiasts have been sparked in a way that is uncharacteristic of the usually boring TV market. Sure, in the last couple years companies have started putting in hard drives and dedicated operating systems into the TV sets themselves, but nothing has become a cultural phenomenon.

Apple did it with digital music players, and then it did it with smartphones. Consumers expect Apple can redefine what a TV is. Or at the very least, 25% of them do. In a survey from market research group KAE in coordination with Toluna, 25% of US consumers said they find the idea of an Apple-branded television set to be appealing. The number was slightly higher (30%) among UK customers. And among those who already owned at least one Apple product, 45% said they would want to buy the mysterious Apple TV set. A large portion of those with an LG, Samsung, or Sony TV indicated they would be willing to switch.

KAE chief commercial officer Lee Powney surmised that creating an iOS-powered TV "would be an incredibly powerful extension of the iOS platform. It would create new monetization opportunities for developers and accessory manufacturers by bringing the Apple experience further into the home." Indeed, the living room is the one place Apple hasn't managed to make great inroads. But if this TV thing works out, that could quickly change.

[via Wired]