2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing generates impressive amounts of downforce

For several years, Cadillac has been combining luxury with performance in its V series performance cars. The latest cars in that series are the 2022 CT4-V Blackwing and the CT5-V Blackwing. Cadillac estimates the top speed for the 2022 CT4-V Blackwing will be 189 mph, and the car features a chassis and suspension tuned for use on the track.

When fitted with the available carbon-fiber package, the car delivers agility and confidence thanks to the increased downforce produced by the components. Caddy says both available aerodynamic packages were developed using a new five-belt rolling-road wind tunnel at the GM technical center in Warren, Michigan. The car was also tuned in the Windshear wind tunnel used by Cadillac Racing in North Carolina.

The championship-winning Cadillac Racing DPi-V.R. racecar inspired the aerodynamic packages available for the car. Aerodynamics were tuned with over 500 hours of wind tunnel testing and 300 simulations using Computational Fluid Dynamics. The result of that tuning is the highest level of aerodynamic downforce ever produced by a production Cadillac V-Series ride.

Aerodynamic components used in the car include a front underwing inspired by Cadillac's racing car that creates a low-pressure zone helping press the car into the road and directing air to components that need cooling. The car also has air strakes to control airflow to direct air away from the underbody to help create downforce and balance the vehicle.

Front dive planes increase grip on the front tires by pushing the front end of the car down. Cadillac also uses an 18-millimeter sidewall to control air and direct vortices downstream, helping to manage airflow. A rear spoiler is integrated to balance the car for stability, and its curvature is tuned to create downforce without any additional bolt-on components.

The rear spoiler has a functional three-millimeter gurney flap directing airflow and assisting in creating more downforce. Cadillac also tuned the grille mesh to reduce the radius of each V-shape to optimize airflow, and each of the inlets has two different functional textures to control and direct air. Brake cooling ducts are integrated that are built using 3D printing to keep the brakes at optimal operating temperature. Other tidbits include fender vents, a front splitter, rocker moldings and extensions, and a rear diffuser. The car also features a flat underbody and rear control arm covers. Cadillac says the Blackwing cars will arrive at dealerships later this summer, but most reservations are already sold out.