2021 Ford Bronco hardtop orders have been delayed again

In March, Ford announced that some buyers of the new Bronco wouldn't get their vehicles until 2022. The issue preventing those Broncos from being delivered was with the painted modular hardtop. The pandemic and other supply chain issues combined to slow production of the hardtops along with significantly more demand than Ford expected, resulting in delays on vehicles ordered with that option.

Ford has now sent an email out to other Bronco customers pointing to delays with no insight into when orders might be filled. 2021 Ford Bronco reservation holders who haven't received confirmation that their trucks are being built will be facing potentially significant delays in getting their vehicle. Ford sent out an email that admits there are many things about the supply chain issues that those who have ordered the Broncos simply don't care about.

Ford understands that all buyers want is their Bronco. The email says in part that the reason the message came out so late to warn of production issues is because the automaker had been doing everything possible to avoid having to send the email. Ford says the "Achilles heel" in the launch has been the hardtop roof. Production capacity doesn't match actual demand, and while Ford is investing millions of dollars in fixing the roof supply issue, it says the supply won't be fixed overnight.

Ford is promising to alert those who have ordered a Bronco and keep them in the loop with emails coming to let them know when their truck is scheduled for production, when it's built and awaiting final calibration and inspection, and when it's shipped. Ford is also offering Bronco owners who aren't particularly happy about another delay the opportunity to access a complimentary off-road driving experience known as the Bronco Off-Rodeo before their vehicle is delivered. Ford also promises to keep creating opportunities for people to see the Bronco in their local area. Ford offered no indication of when the hardtop production woes might end.