2020 iPhone SE is the name we can finally settle on

Apple is still pushing through its product launches, unsurprisingly, though that doesn't really speak for how much inventory it will have at that time. With the new iPad Pros out of the way and the next iPhones still months in the making, Apple fans are looking to the iPhone 9 or iPhones SE 2 for the next big affordable thing. That name has always been surrounded by confusion and contention but it seems that there is finally a third option that sort of makes sense.

To be fair, all three names do make some sense. The more affordable iPhone was initially presumed to be called the iPhone SE 2 since it will succeed the first iPhone SE. On the other hand, some have started calling it the iPhone 9 after leaks pointed out how it will be similar to the iPhone 8 in looks and some features.

9to5Mac's sources, however, bring us another likely name. Apple will apparently simply call it the iPhone SE 2020 edition or simply the 2020 iPhone SE. This naming strategy seems to be more in line with the likes of the iPad Pro and even the MacBook, using years rather than consecutive numbers to differentiate between models.

The leak also claims that the 2020 iPhone SE will come in color options of white, black, and PRODUCT(RED) and will have five official cases. Perhaps more interesting, there is also a note about a 256GB option in addition to the 64Gb and 128GB configurations we've heard before.

It might not be that long a wait to see all of these confirmed as those very same sources put the 2020 iPhone SE's launch this week. All they're missing is the price tag, which others estimate to be around $400. That could be a very sweet deal for those who prefer the older iPhone design but want some of the features of modern generations.