2019 Samsung Flip digital whiteboard can also recognize paintbrushes

While most businesses today have upgraded to computer-centric workflows, one aspect seems to still remain distinctively analog. The meeting room whiteboard, still an indispensable tool for collaboration and explanation, has barely evolved from its original design since the day it was born. Fortunately, there are a few innovations in that space, like Microsoft's Surface Hub and Google's Jamboard. Not to be outdone, Samsung has also launched its own Samsung Flip line of digital whiteboards and its 2019 model offers improved support for using any object as a stylus.

The Samsung Flip breaks expectations but not in the ways you might think. For one, the name is an odd choice considering the stationary panel makes no flipping motion. And despite Samsung's association with the active S Pen stylus, the Samsung Flip uses a passive Pen instead.

Make no mistake, though, as the Samsung Flip can accept any stick as a stylus. It recognizes the size of the tip and adjusts its "ink" appropriately. In fact, you can even use a paintbrush and the Flip will use a digital equivalent, allowing users to even mix colors like real paint.

The 2019 Samsung Flip does have other features as well, like being able to connect an external screen to mirror what you're doing on the whiteboard. It also features remote computer access so presenters can log into their remote computers rather than carry their own to the meeting room. Samsung is also particularly proud of its use of light, bland colors to better fit the mood and surrounding of such meetings.

The 2019 Samsung Flip tries to merge the world of analog and digital together on an extra large screen to help make meetings more productive and interesting. How much that will cost companies and teams, however, Samsung isn't saying just yet.