2019 iPhone 11 models confirmed in Eurasian database sighting

JC Torres - May 23, 2019, 9:11pm CDT
2019 iPhone 11 models confirmed in Eurasian database sighting

The recent drama surrounding Huawei and the ban imposed by the US government has caused some chaos in the Android world. There will probably be no shortage of smartphone users from the other camp that are feeling relieved that they are far removed from all that. Of course, it’s business as usual in Apple land and even Huawei headlines won’t stop this year’s “iPhone 11” generation from also making waves. Even if it’s just unbranded model numbers found in a regulatory database.

Any sign of the existence of any new iPhone is, of course, good news. Clues to how many models there might be is even better. Thanks to the Eurasian Economic Commission, we have both.

The regulatory office’s database reveals a total of 11 new iPhone 11 model numbers. There are three under the “A21” line, namely the A2111, A2160, and A2161, which are believed to be the three storage size options for the iPhone XR 2. The other eight under the A22 (A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221, and A2223) are for three iPhone 11 configurations, three iPhone 11 Max configurations, and two still unknown models, probably for specific markets.

The database, of course, doesn’t actually name the phones by their public monikers but rumors have seemed to settle on the “iPhone 11” version. Neither does it hint at any feature whatsoever, but we have plenty of those already.

The iPhone 11 and even the next iPhone XR are believed to be largely unchanged from last year’s iPhones, at least as far as design goes. The biggest change, of course, is in the cameras, with the iPhone 11 sporting that still controversial square bump housing three lenses. The iPhone XR 2’s upgrade, however, is more modest, jumping to two perfectly normal-looking cameras.

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