2018 Range Rover leaks on video with fancy dual touchscreens inside

A new video has turned up that alleges to show the 2018 Range Rover giving us our first glimpse at the SUV before it goes official. On the outside, the SUV has much of the same style and design as the previous models offered. What you can see in the video is a new LED headlight system and revised LED daytime running lights.

Those headlights are expected to come in a standard full-LED offering up to the adaptive Matrix LED optional units. The grille on the front of the car has a different mesh to it, but those headlights and the grille appear to be the only real changes up front.

Range Rover has spent some money on revising the interior of the venerable SUV. Inside the video appears to show a new dual-screen touchscreen setup in the dash, the same seen in the Velar SUV. The old Range Rover had a single screen setup. The main screen in that dual setup handles media and navigation.

The second screen is for climate and seat ventilation with rotary controls for backup. Touchscreen only controls are far from ideal inside a car where drivers often adjust things by touch rather than sight. The Range Rover in the video is set up with a pair of seats in the back and looks to be quite the place to relax and work.

Speculation is that the Range Rover will get a hybrid version this year. The Range Rover Sport PHEV has been announced recently. That powertrain in the PHV uses a 221kW 2.0L gas engine an electric motor with battery. That gives a total output of 297kW and 640Nm of torque.

SOURCE: Caradvice.com.au