2018 Nissan GT-R starts at $99,990

Nissan has announced the pricing on the 2018 GT-R sports car. The GT-R is available now at Nissan dealers nationwide. Not all Nissan dealers get to sell the GT-R. The 2018 model is unchanged from the 2017 model which was revised with a fresh look inside and out along with another 20hp.

2018 does get a new GT-R Pure model and sees Apple CarPlay added to NissanConnect with Navigation and Services. The 2018 model will also see a new black "Kuro Night" color for the premium interior package. That new GT-R Pure model is supposed to be the most affordable of the four offered models starting at slightly under $100,000.

The next step up the ladder is the GT-R Premium starting at $110,490. The Premium gained an 11-speaker Bose audio system, Active Noise Cancellation, Active Sound Enhancement systems, and a titanium exhaust. The next step up the range is the GT-R Track Edition and it will be limited availability. This car is meant to have higher performance than the two previous versions.

Track Edition buyers get the standard 565hp engine and the car starts at $128,490. The GT-R Nismo is the top of the line with 600hp and it starts at $175,490. The car is offered in "very limited numbers" in North America.

Nismo buyers get optimized aerodynamics, suspension, and powertrain. It's a bit hard to stomach the over $75,000 price gap between the entry-level Pure and the Nismo version of the GT-R. We wonder what the real-world performance difference is between the two cars.

SOURCE: Nissan