2018 Jeep Wrangler image leaks from assembly floor

Jeep has some very popular models, like the iconic Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, and it has some models that fans traditionally eschew like the old Compass. One of the most anticipated Jeep models that is due for a refresh (the Compass and Cherokee have been refreshed) is the most important model for Jeep – the Wrangler. Jeep quite simply can't mess this model up and many rumors have suggested that the new 2018 Wrangler wouldn't stray too far from what made the past Wranglers so popular in style and capability.

A new image has turned up on JLWranglerForums and the image claims to be a sneaky shot of the 2018 Wrangler from the assembly line floor. It's not a very good image showing only part of the front fender and a hint of the rear door. If the photo is legit, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler is a design that looks very much like the Wrangler we have today. If you were hoping for something completely different, you will be sad to see this image.

There is a bit of debate on the forum about which model this particular Wrangler might be and the debate stems from the hood. On current Wranglers the vented hood is a Rubicon exclusive feature. However, the current Rubicon also comes with clear branding on the fender and rock rails along with off-road oriented tires.

The Wrangler in the image here has a black soft top, no rock rials, and street tires indicating that it is likely a base Sport model. However, it does wear a vented hood. Either this is some sort of test construction wearing a Rubicon hood with base trim elsewhere or all the 2018 Wranglers will get a vented hood. The door handles lack the buttons used today. The side windows are said to be higher than the current model and the bumpers are redesigned for the removable windshield.

Wrangler fans are also hoping that the new fender flares and their shinier finish might indicate that Jeep has addressed the issue with those flares greying over time with current models. You can also clearly see the new fender vent sitting on the back of fender flare in the image. Overall, the Wrangler in the images is an attractive vehicle and the hope is that it will perform as well off-road as the outgoing model. While the changes to the 2018 Wrangler will be subtle, the 2018 Compass was a complete redesign, and is much better than the previous generation.

SOURCE: JLWranglerforums