2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s price leaks, will start at $28,795

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 25, 2013
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s price leaks, will start at $28,795

Chrysler debuted the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the recent Detroit Auto Show in Michigan, where it gave us a variety of details, minus one particularly relevant one – price. Much speculation has swirled around the rumorsphere in regards to the model’s price range, but nothing concrete has surfaced. That has apparently changed, with a user over at the Jeep Garage forums stating that he managed to grab a pricing sheet, which he then published for all to see.

According to the leak, the 2WD Grand Cherokee Laredo will be the cheapest option with a starting price of $28,795, with a couple rungs higher being the Grand Cherokee Summit at $47,995. Things keep going north from there, with Grand Cherokee SRT coming in at $62,995, a $2,700 increase over the previous model, according to Auto Blog. Fully loaded, buyers are looking at a cool $72,000+.

In addition to the pricing, a full breakdown of each Cherokees’ features is also provided, also said to be a leak of official data, which you can view here. Jeep has not made a comment on the leak, and nothing official has been stated in terms of price. As with all leaks, rumors, and speculation, don’t take it as indisputable fact.

This follows an announcement by Jeep on January 15 that it plans to start back up manufacturing in China after it ceased operations back in 2009. Currently, only import models are available in the nation, where they enjoy moderate popularity. The company also plans to increase its number of dealers in China to 200 by the end of this year.

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