2014 Corvette heading to drivers with optional Competition Sport seat

In an effort to give Corvette owners what they prefer, Chevrolet will be offering a few different seat options with the 2014 models. Specifically, those picking up a 2014 Corvette will be able to choose between a Standard GT or Competition Sport seat. According to Chevrolet, these two are options are "similar to the everyday comfort of a well-tailored suit vs. the support offered by compression apparel athletes wear."

To that point, when Chevrolet decided to offer better seats in the Corvette, they knew more than one option was needed. Tadge Juechter, a Corvette chief engineer mentioned that "some Corvette drivers use the car for commutes, others as a grand tourer, and some drive it competitively." Hence the reason for the two available options — to allow the driver to pick which better fits their needs.

To help build the Sport seat, the Corvette team used digital pressure mapping to "scan people's backsides when seated." This is said to have played a pivotal role in the development and was able to provide a map image with more than 4,600 data points per second. This data was then used to show how drivers were being supported by the seat.

These seat options will be available beginning in December, and interestingly, this also marks the first time different seat options are being offered since the fourth-gen Corvette, which was available from 1984-1996. This 2014 model Corvette was also the first to use a new process that judges seat performance in addition to comfort. For this, the team looked towards a range of subjects including male and female drivers as well as drivers of different sizes.

These Sports seats are made from an all new lightweight cast magnesium frame for strength and they are described as being able to offer "an enhanced feeling of support during performance driving." Along with the performance and comfort, Chevrolet also added a dual heating and cooling ventilation system for the seats. And lastly, the seat's side airbag has been moved to the outside of the seat so that the seat could be slimmer, stiffer and more supportive.