2013 Cadillac XTS iPad comes standard

In an effort for Cadillac to prove itself as the penultimate leader in automotive luxury, the carmaker has decided to include a brand new iPad in every new sale of its new XTS model. That's right – the iPad comes standard with all 2013 Cadillac XTS models. It isn't just a random gimmick to promote sales of the new vehicle – Cadillac has launched a new app called MyCadillac that lets users access the company's CUE infotainment system.

The iPad will come preloaded with the MyCadillac app, along with OnStar RemoteLink, since OnStar is also a valuable feature for Cadillac. Users will be able to familiarize themselves with all the enhanced functionality that comes in the car's system, from the comfort of their home or anywhere else they use their iPad. It's all part of a strategy to make car ownership a more social experience to help make everyone his or her own brand ambassador, and hopefully for Cadillac, that brand will be Cadillac.

As quoted by Wired, Cadillas head of customer experience admitted, "The moment you pull away from the dealership, there's this kind of black hole for 90 days." But We need to think about helping [owners] with the learning curve. Even if you get a walk-through at the dealership, you're going to forget about a lot of the features. And we want the customer to learn about CUE on their own time." CUE is about allowing car owners to be more connected with Cadillac enthusiasts and employees than ever before.

[via Wired]