2011 Ford Fiesta owners are first to get AppLink voice control

I have a Ford car that has the Sync system inside and it's great. The system connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth and makes the best hands free system I have used. Sync is a lot more than just hands free calls though. The system also allows you to stream music from your smartphone to the car stereo via Bluetooth and a lot more.

Ford has announced a new update for Sync that is being offered first to 2011 Ford Fiesta owners. The new update adds AppLink to allow the driver to control some smartphone apps on Android devices, Blackberry smartphones, and the iPhone. The first apps that will support AppLink include Pandora, Stitcher, and OpenBeak.

You have to log in at Syncmyride to download the update to a flash drive and then use the USB port in the car to apply the update. Once applied the driver can hit the voice button in the car, say "Mobile Applications" and then the name of the app like "Pandora." With Pandora, the user can then say "Play station classic rock radio" and you can bookmark songs and rate them with thumbs up or thumbs down all using your voice. The update is available free right now.

Via Android Community