1Password for Android is here, does justice to its namesake

One of the best password managers around is now available for Android. 1Password, long an iOS mainstay, has a brand new Android app. Full featured and comparable to the iOS version, 1Password for Android is free to use until August.

Agile Bits, maker of 1Password, will remove the pay wall for much of the summer in an attempt to drum up interest. After that, the app will be read-only, giving you access if you use it on other platforms. The case for 1Password is strong, too; aside from just keeping track of your passwords, it can suggest stronger ones.

Not only will it "suggest" stronger passwords, it will generate them for you. Widely used on the OS X platform, 1Password uses a strong 256-bit AES encryption, which they note is "military grade". The app also locks automatically, so if you lose your Android device, you don't lose your passwords.

The app can be synced via several methods, even Dropbox. Apps for PC, Mac, and iOS are also available. You can edit and organize your passwords as you see fit, even marking favorites to find quickly. After a long beta process, 1Password for Android is finally worthy of the name Agile Bits has made for it on other platforms. What remains to be seen is whether Android users will want to pay a (likely) steep fee come August.

Source: Play Store