16GB Buffalo USB drive measures 8mm in thickness

Manufacturer seems to be coming with peculiar USB flash drives in creative design and interesting shapes. If you can't fabricate one likes a bottle opener, or a no-punt-intended's thumb drive, or a luxury 80 carat gold's Super Talent, then you have to be creative with physical appearance.

Buffalo has released a new RUF2-KL USB flash drive that holds 16GB of storage space despite just measured at 8mm thick. The thumb drive is only weights about 10g and is available in plain black or white finish. It's slated to release this month in Japan for 5980 yen ($65).

But thin isn't exactly the new tech in flash-based drive devices; many could have gone much slender if weren't for the interface, of course, I never longed for a stylish flash drive, physical strength and durability is much important to me when it comes to storage.