5 Of The Best Workout Apps On iPhone

We all know how important it is to break a sweat on a regular basis, but the reality of our daily lives often makes it challenging to find the time or motivation to make it to the gym for a proper workout. That's where workout apps for the iPhone come into play. They bring the gym to your phone, allowing you to sneak in a workout wherever you are at any time of the day.

And if you prefer exercising at your local gym, these apps can help you do that too. Plus, the best workout apps help make getting in shape fun, making it easier to stick to your routine and achieve your fitness goals.

Perhaps best of all, increasing your fitness level is associated with many benefits, including improved mood, weight management, and better sleep. That's why it's essential to choose a well-rounded app that'll ensure you keep motivated, provide personalized guidance, and track your progress. Here we've compiled a list of some of the best iPhone apps to help get you off the couch and into a consistent fitness routine.

Apple Fitness Plus

As an iPhone owner, one of the best fitness apps on the market comes pre-installed on your phone — Apple Fitness Plus. This app has a lot to like, including its range of workouts and its effortless compatibility with the Apple Watch.

When it comes to fitness, we all have our unique style. Apple gets this and incorporates routines for various tastes into this comprehensive app. If you need a little extra push to get you going during a workout, you'll enjoy the varied cast of high-energy trainers who bring a mix of personality and expertise to your training sessions. With classes covering everything from strength training to yoga, the app offers diverse workouts for all.

One of the app's biggest selling points is its seamless integration with the Apple Watch, allowing users to view real-time metrics, including their heart rate, calories burned, and pace and distance, during their workout. The app offers workout suggestions based on your fitness level and preferences, ensuring a tailored experience.

But don't worry if you haven't hopped on the Apple Watch bandwagon yet. Even without it, you can benefit from the app's range of guided workouts, expert trainers, and curated music playlists to motivate you during your fitness journey.

Nike Training Club

The name Nike is synonymous with fitness, athleticism, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in sportswear and training — and the Nike Training Club app doesn't disappoint. From beginners to advanced athletes, this app has something for everyone with its diverse library of workouts tailored to various goals and fitness levels.

For those who prefer home workouts, the app offers a range of fitness routines, including circuits and HIIT, which don't require any equipment and can be done in small spaces. When you need to wind down after a stressful day, you can open one of the app's guided meditations to give your mind a gentle workout or participate in a guided mindful run for a mix of physical activity and mental relaxation.

Sometimes you might need to squeeze in a quick workout during the day, and the app makes it easy with its high-intensity training sessions that can be completed in twenty minutes or less. The app doesn't just help you stay physically fit; it also offers tips on maintaining healthy habits and guidance on nutrition and rest.

Aaptiv Fitness App

An audio-first approach sets the Aaptiv Fitness App apart from the others. The app uses a mix of structured instruction and music to help you get in your best shape. Since the app is audio-based, you focus on your form and the exercise itself without constantly stopping to look at a screen. It's almost like having a personal trainer in your ear, guiding you every step of the way. And in a way, you do because certified trainers guide you through the workouts, ensuring accuracy, motivation, and optimal results. All you have to do is hit play to get started.

The app includes a wide variety of workouts, including strength training, elliptical, treadmill, Pilates, and outdoor running. When you subscribe to Aaptiv Fitness, you get unlimited access to thousands of AI-powered and on-demand workouts suitable for everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. The app also boasts an active community of over 60,000 members, where you can share your workout experiences and even that sweaty selfie, which can help keep you motivated and engaged.


If your idea of fitness involves exploring the great outdoors, AllTraills might be the ideal workout companion. The app was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind and boasts over 400,000 curated trails, making it easy to find the adventure you seek. Whether you're seeking a leisurely walk, a challenging hike, or a scenic bike ride, this app can help you find it. You can filter trails based on difficulty level, estimated duration, distance, type of adventure, and attributes like being dog-friendly or wheelchair accessible.

The app also features an active community where users leave reviews, add photos, and share their experiences on the trails. These insights help ensure up-to-date trail information lets you get insights from different perspectives. Safety is always a concern when exploring mother nature, and this app has an array of features, including an alert to let you know when you've gone off the designated path and a Lifeline feature to keep an emergency contact informed of your whereabouts. With this app in your pocket, you can discover, explore, and stay safe on your outdoor adventures.


From tracking daily steps to automatically detecting when you start a workout, the Argus app is an all-in-one solution for those looking to up their fitness game. One of the most unique features of this app is its hexagonal user interface, with each hexagon representing a different aspect of your health, such as calories burned, heart rate, and logged workouts. Another impressive feature is the app's ability to integrate with third-party apps and devices. For example, if you own a Fitbit scale, you can automatically import your daily weight to the app instead of inputting it manually. It also integrates with other popular fitness apps and devices like Runkeeper and Fitbit Flex.

Since the app gathers so many data points about your daily activities, it gives you a holistic view of your overall health and allows you to uncover trends and patterns over time. If you need extra motivation to keep you going, you can create and participate in step challenges or share your experiences and photos with the Argus community. And if you're struggling to get enough z's, the app can help you by monitoring your sleep's length and quality. Best of all, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank because most of the app's best features are available for free.