128GB iPad rumored to start at $799, $929 for LTE model

Craig Lloyd - Jan 28, 2013, 10:00am CST
128GB iPad rumored to start at $799, $929 for LTE model

Yesterday, we heard word that Apple may soon release a 128GB version of the fourth-generation iPad, thanks to a clever find by a developer who found the hint deeply embedded into the iOS 6 firmware. Rumored pricing for the more-capacious Apple tablet has now made its way into the streams: $799 for the WiFi-only model, and $929 for the WiFi+LTE variant.

The rumored pricing details come from 9to5Mac, who say that they received the prices from “a high-profile US retailer.” Other than the increase in storage capacity, this rumored 128GB iPad model is said to be relatively the same as far as other internals go, as well as the overall design, so no performances improvements coming with this one.


From the SKU listing above, the P101 and P103 names are Apple’s internal codenames for the WiFi-only and LTE models of the fourth-generation iPads, respectively. In the past, you might remember how Apple named its different capacity sizes “GOOD,” “BETTER,” and “BEST,” based on either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, respectively. However, the chart above shows an additional “ULTIMATE” model, which could mean a 128GB version.

Of course, we’re keeping the salt nearby as always, but if the rumors turn out to be true, we wouldn’t be too surprised anyway. More and more users are using their iPads for their everyday computer needs, and 64GB just doesn’t cut it sometimes, which is why Apple might be thinking about a top-tier 128GB model for those with a lot of music, videos, photos, etc.

[via 9to5Mac]

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