Moto G Power Nabs 5G, Upgraded Display, And An Increased Price For 2023

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Ever since Motorola introduced the Moto G Power lineup of battery-focused smartphones in 2020, the company has been regularly updating these devices with newer models. The first Moto G Power device came to the market in February 2020 and was followed by the Moto G Power (2021) in January 2021. Motorola surprised everyone the same year when in November 2021, it came up with the Moto G Power (2022), a device the company continues to sell to this day. Given that the current Moto G Power has been on the market for well over 17 months, the lineup is definitely due for an update, and that is exactly what Motorola has delivered with the all-new Moto G Power 5G.

It goes without saying that Motorola has made several changes to the 2023 edition of the Moto G Power — starting with the name of the device. If not evident already, Motorola has stopped using the year tag to identify the model — a custom it has been following with the Moto G Power lineup since 2021. This is primarily because the new Moto G Power has a better tag to go with it this time around: 5G. Unlike its predecessors, which only featured LTE support, the 2023 edition of the Moto G Power is the first device from the lineup to offer 5G connectivity.

Aside from the much-needed 5G support, the phone also gets an upgraded display experience (1080p instead of 720p), gets a faster 120 Hz refresh rate, and also uses a much better processor this time around.

Better hardware at a slightly increased price

The Moto G Power 5G gets MediaTek's Dimensity 930 processor, a mid-range SoC that is based on a 6nm manufacturing process. Besides the faster chip, the Moto G Power has also received a significant upgrade in internal storage space, with the device now featuring a 256 GB storage option. The RAM capacity has also improved from 4 GB on last year's model to 6 GB on the 2023 variant. Another key change is the upgraded 50 MP camera sensor, compared to the 48 MP sensor on the older phone. Motorola has retained the 2 MP macro and depth sensors. The front-facing camera also gets an upgraded 16 MP sensor —compared to the 8 MP unit on the outgoing model.

Things that remain unchanged include the size of the display at 6.5 inches, the battery capacity, which continues to be 5000 mAh, and the lack of fast charging support. The phone ships with a standard 10 W charger. While these factors have remained the same, the addition of 5G support has led to Motorola reducing the claimed standby time on the device from three days to 38 hours.

Motorola plans to bring the Moto G Power 5G to consumers across the U.S. starting April 13, 2023, where it will be priced at $299. The phone will be on sale unlocked via Best Buy, Amazon, and the Motorola store. It will also be made available through Metro by T-Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, and Xfinity Wireless in the near future.