Today's Wordle Answer #620 - March 1, 2023 Solution And Hints

It's a new month, and we hope you were able to keep your streak alive through February. If you'd like the challenge of preserving it through March, we're here to make the task easier for you. We'll share hints that will help you figure out today's solution on time, and if you prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip ahead to the second section for the answer.

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Today's mystery word is a noun for an animal that's a large, strong deer relative, also known as a rubber-nosed swamp donkey. This animal sports branched horns that shed every year, and it's the mascot of the American clothing company Abercrombie and Fitch. It has two vowels, O and E, with the former repeated as the second and third letters, respectively. E is the last letter, and the word rhymes with "deuce." It also contains the letter S, but as usual, we won't disclose its exact position, so we don't give too much away.

Let's sp-elk it out

Still unsure? The word you're looking for is "moose." Also known as the elk in many parts of the world (a different animal is called elk in North America), it's the largest and heaviest species in the deer family. You'll recognize adult male moose by their distinctive, broad antlers, which they shed and regrow annually.

Animal names aren't usually the subjects of etymological inquiry, but we went digging to find out why moose are called that. As an answer, Britannica reports that the name is derived from the word "moosh," which is from the Algonquian language of the Innu people of Canada, literally translated as "stripper and eater of bark." Etymonline supplies similar info but sheds more light on the word's origins, explaining that its roots could also possibly be from Narragansett "moos," which traces back to Abenaki "moosu."

Thanks to a lucky starting word, stoke, we cracked the code on the fourth try today. After guessing "probe" and "goose," the answer was clear. We hope you finish quickly — and to make sure you do so going forward, here's a strategic guide to solving Wordle puzzles. If you want to keep the fun going and not have to wait 24 hours for another Wordle puzzle, here are some similar games you can try.